Mind Audio Central needs your help!

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As most of you are likely aware, our YouTube channel has already been taken down, and is now on the verge of being taken down for a second time.

Why are we asking for money?

Without our YouTube channel, we are going to be loosing over 90% of the revenue that allows us to not only live, but to continue providing high quality Mind Audios to our listeners.

Why does this matter to you?

Unfortunately, running any website is not cheap. The funds from YouTube are largely used to pay the expenses of running Mind Audio Central: Covering server processing costs, media hosting, streamig, and storage costs, as well as paying our employees.

How else you can help.

We understand that not everyone can / wants to donate, and that's okay. We're not here just to beg you for your hard earned cash.

If you still want to help, here are a few alternatives: