What is Mind Audio?

Mind audios are a specific type of audio that has the explicit purpose of affecting certain lobes of the brain, or different states of consciousness for a profound effect (kinda like audible drugs >;3.)

The Different Types of Mind Audio

Mind audios come in a many different varieties, below is a breif explination of a few that we specialize in.


Mind Audio

Binaurals are a type of Mind Audio that consists of two slightly different frequencies. One frequency is played in one ear, while a slightly different one is played in the other. These frequencies aim to change brainwave states to switch you to different states of mind. (Ex: Concentration, sleep, meditative, etc.) These brainwave changes can even be observed with the use of an electroencephalogram.


Mind Audio

Subliminals are the most versatile category of Mind Audio as they can be made in virtually hundreds of different ways. A subliminal is a type of audio that has hidden affirmations which are directed towards your subconscious. In turn, your subconscious tries its best to enact the changes desired from the subliminal. The speed to which your subconscious makes these changes varies due to a plethora of factors which vary from person to person.


Mind Audio

An ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) audio is an analoge recording of certain "triggers" used to make the user feel a pleasureable sense of tingling across the body. These audios are usually recorded with specialized microphones that pick up additional tiny details that most regular microphones can't.

Guided Meditation

Mind Audio

Guided Meditations are primarily narrated audios that help guide the user into a relaxing scenario to help them meditate. Some can also be made to assist with other activities that require deep focus or relaxation like sleeping, astral projection, or stress relief.