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What are Mind Audio Technologies?

Mind Audios are a special category of audios that viewers can listen to change physical or mental aspects of their lives. Mind Audio Central has been spending years of time into research on these audios to give you the best results and listening experience.

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Subliminals are audios that communicate with the subconscious to enact changes

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Guided Meditation

Guided Meditations are narrated audios listened to during meditation to reach specific experiences

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Binaurals are alternating frequency waves which affect certain brain lobes

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ASMR files target audio triggers that can help trigger the euphoric feeling of ASMR



Mind Audio really works! Here are some testimonials from customers and fans that have been listening to Mind Audio from media outlets such as YouTube.

"It works. Yay! [I'm] really excited."

Robert Amstel

"I love how relaxing this is. Helped me calm down a lot!"

Rosanna Alexandersen

"This has given so much more meaning to my life, thank you."

Cole Duval (Translated from French)

"I feel so free! I cannot thank you enough for the gift of my life back!"

Dawson Sorenson

"They really care about their customers. All my questions were answered quickly."

Juliane Holt

Why choose us?

Mind Audio really is the leading provider in specialized audios. Our company has pulled ahead in the competition by being honest with our customers, providing reasonably-priced products, and audios that work fast! Click to find out more.